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Home Deirected by Morag McKinnon @ [New Directions]
Dead On Time Deirected by James Larkin @ [Production International]
Anno Domini Deirected by Jeff Stark @ [Stark Films]
Perfect Baby Deirected by Martin Wedderburn @ [Mustard]
Inside-Out Deirected by Tom Gurd & Charlie Guard @ [The Long March Film Company]
Love Is All Deirected by Oliver Harrison @ [O. H. Films]
Wind Deirected by Bill Scott @ [Wild West Films Ltd.]
Yashmak Deirected by James Brown @ [Stink]
Ticks Deirected by Rupert Wyatt @[Dragonfarm]
Ho Ho Ho Deirected by Jake & Jim @ [Alchymie]
Inside-Out Deirected by Tom Gurd & Charlie Guard @ [The Long March Film Company]
Perfect Baby Deirected by Martin Wedderbum @ [Mustard]
The Tell Tale Heart Deirected by Adam Somner @ [Tell Tale Films Ltd.]
Beyond The Clouds Deirected by Lee Phillips @ [Leafstorm]
Angry Kid ‘Bone’ Deirected by Darren Walsh @ [Aardman Animations]
Compaq ‘Bird’ Deirected by Mario Cavalli, Dominic Griffiths & Grant Orchard @ [Pizazz]
Nat West ‘Fishing Line’ Deirected by Richard Kenworthy @ [Pizazz]
Fast Spin Fling Deirected by Sandra Endsby @ [Sherbet]
School Disco Deirected by Brian Wood @ [Polkadot]
Emma 18 Deirected by Sam Morrison @ [Creative Film Productions]
Codename Corgi Deirected by Tracy Spottiswoode @ [Living Doll Animation]
The Littlest Robo Deirected by Richard Kenworthy @ [Pizazz]
Intolerance Deirected by Phil Mulloy @ [Spectre Films]
Seasons Greetings Deirected by Phul Mulloy @ [Spectre Films]
The 10th Kingdom Deirected by Tim Webber @ [Spectre & Framestore]
Da Ali G Show Deirected by Garth Jennings @ [Hammer & Tongs]
Holby City Deirected by Sean Sparengo @ [Radical Media]
Hip Hop Years Deirected by Piers Helm @ [Skaramoosh]
HEA Anti-Smoking ‘Christine’ Deirected by Tom Carty @ [AMV & Godman]
Snickers ‘Footsies’ Deirected by Tom Carty @ [AMV & Godman]
Orangina Eurotrash Deirected by Phil Stebbing @ [MTP]
Hope and Glory II Deirected by Nick C. Boyd @ [Kemistry]
Oakenfold Deirected by Seamus Matserson @ [Maverick Media]
South Park Deirected by James Haworth @ [Mustard]
Carlsberg-Tetley Euro 2000 Directed by Olly Blackburn @ [Godman]
Super Furry Animals ‘Do or Die’ Directed by Jake & Jim @ [Godman – Don’t exist anymore]
Muse ‘Unintended’ Directed by Howard Greehalgh @ [Godman]
David Bowie ‘Thursday’s Child’ Directed by Walter Stern @ [Academy]
Robbie Williams ‘She’s The One’ Directed by Dom & Nic @ [Oil Factory ]
Supergrass ‘Mary’ Directed by Sophie Muller @ [Oil Factory]
Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’ Directed by Dom & Nic @ [Oil Factory]
Mel G ‘Word Up’ Directed by Wiz @ [Oil Factory]
Chemical Brothers ‘Let Forever Be’ Directed by Michel Gondry @ [Partizan Midi Minuit]
Garbage ‘The World Is Not Enough’ Directed by Philip Stolzl @ [BFCS]
Etienne De Crecy ‘Happy News’ Directed by Geoffrey De Crecy @ [Partizan Midi Minuit & Solid]
Alex Gopher ‘The Child’ Directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet @ [Partizan Midi Minuit & Le Village]
Electronic ‘Late At Night’ Directed by Jason Smith @ [Flynn Productions]
Gabrielle ‘Rise’ Directed by Kevin Godley @ [The Artists Company]

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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