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Journey throught the Night Directed by Joram Ten Brink @[Halo Productions]
Sweet Directed by James Pilkington @[Velocity Films]
The Have and To Hold Directed by John Hardwick @[Panopticon]
Fish Directed by Bruce Goodison @[Pilgrim Films]
A Day Out Directed by Helen Grace @[Little Dragon Films]
Talk Directed by Matthew Parkhill @[Winkle Films]
Fat Chance Directed by Toby Leslie @[Wiggin-O’Neal Films]
Pit Directed by Ron Sscalpello  
The Librarian’s Dream Directed by Jon Wright @[BFCS Limited]
Left Turn Directed by Sean Ellis @[RSA Films Limited]
Yoorinal Directed by Mark Nunneley @[RSA Films Limited]
The Cat With Hands Directed by Robert Morgan @[Halo Productions]
The Magic Mile Directed by Toby Meakins @[Faith Film Company]
R Mertonensis Directed by Nicholas Salis @[Partizan/ Lazennec Toutcourt]
Robots Directed by Jown Williams @[Bolex Brothers Ltd.]
Yabba Yabba Ding Ding Directed by Andy Goddard @[New Directions]
Where Is God? Donde Esta Dios? Directed by Oliver Led with @[Shortend Films]
60 Cups Of Coffee Directed by David Ward @[Raygun Films]
Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday Directed by James Wood @[Mountain Films Ltd.]
Walking with Walken Directed by Simon Welsford @[Skyman Films]
The Moment of Accepting Life Directed by Robert MacLean @[Articulate Pictures]
Samhain Directed by Karen Stowe @[Mighty Fine Films]
The Real Bridget Jones Directed by Rupert Howe @[Soul Purpose Productions]
Brilliant Directed by David Jackson @[Native ]
Westway 2000 Directed by Terry Walshe @[Terry Walshe]
Father & Daughter Directed by Michael Dudok De Wit @[Coldrunner/ Cliente BV]
History of Gaming Directed by Jonny Hardstaff @[RSA Films Limited]
Captain Sarcastic Directed by Peter Peak @[A  for Animation Ltd.]
1300cc Directed by Eoin Clarke @[Bermuda Shorts]
AP2000 Directed by Loic & Aurellen  
Interrogating Ernie Directed by Ken Lidster @[Loose Moose]
Comfy Directed by Seth Watkins @[Aardman Animations]
Johnny Cassanova Directed by Andy Wyatt/ Jamie Rix @[Ficticious Egg/ Elephant]
Elysian Fields Directed by Martin Oliver  
The Boy Who Sweated Washing Up Liquid Directed by Marcus Evans/ Matt Hutchinson @[Granada Broadband]
IQ552 Directed by Ian Witlock @[Aardman Animations]
The Future of Gaming Directed by Jonny Hardstaff RSA Films Limited]
Ernest Directed by Darren Robbie @[Aardman Animations]
Non-Domestic Appliance Directed by Sergio Delfino @[Aardman Animations]
Four Minutes Directed by Dave Len @[University of Wales College Newport]
Orange/Eak Directed by Shynola @[Studio AKA]
Chunga Chui Directed by Stephano Cassini @[Aardman Animations]
The Adventures of Hucklebury Finn Directed by Mike Bennett & Alan Quigley @[HaHaBonk]
BT Cellnet/ City Directed by Marc Craste @[Studio AKA]
Robots Directed by John Williams @[University of Wales College Newport]
Green Man of Knowledge Directed by Rachel Bevan Baker @[Red Kite Productions]
2DTV Directed by Tim Searle @[2DTV Limited]
The Bold Adventure of The Rabbit Directed by Tim Orage @[University of Wales College Newport]
Fickle Kerry Periwinkle Directed by Marcus Evans & Benjamin Hall @[Granada Broadband]
Apple Monkey Directed by Ed Roberts @[University of Wales College Newport]
The Cat With Hands Directed by Robert Morgan @[Halo Productions]
Hannibal Title Sequence Directed by Nick Livesey @[RSA Films Limited]
Quality Street Directed by Mick Rudman @[Park Village]
Easter in the Bronx Directed by Kevin Hill @[BBC MediaArc]
Budget 2001 Promo Directed by Emma Walker @[BskyB]
E4 Idents Directed by Russell Appleford& Brett Foraker @[MPC-3D]
The Sins Directed by Mic Graves @[Studio AKA]
Christmas on BBC2 Directed by Jane Wyatt & Mary Moss @[BBC MediaArc]
Election Disco Directed by Matthew Baxter @[BskyB]
Wild Directed by Steve Cope & Matthew Lossaso @[BBC MediaArc]
Euro 2000 Directed by Sandra Nicholson & Victor Martinez @[BBC MediaArc]
Sky Fi Directed by Mark Pual & Nick Motture @[BskyB]
Christmas on BBC1 Directed by Paula Williams & Keith Haynes @[BBC MediaArc]
ER/Volvo Idents Directed by Matthew Judd @[Itinerant Films]
MTV Select Idents & Bumpers Directed by Neil Carter @[MTV Northern Europe]
E4 ‘Sardines’ & ‘Fork’ Directed by Brett Foraker @[Aldis Animation]
HSBC Idents Directed by Liz Freidman @[BBC MediaArc]
Go Barking Mad Directed by Sandra Nicholson & Kevin Hill @[BBC MediaArc]
Gorrilaz ‘Clint Eastwood’ Directed by Sophie Byrne @[Passion Pictures]
Robbie Williams ‘Let Love Be Your Energy’ Directed by Olly Reid @[Passion Pictures]
My Vitriol ‘Grounded’ Directed by Jeff Thomas @[Pop]
REM ‘Imitation of Life’ Directed by Garth Jennings @[Anonymous Content/ Hammer & Tongs]
Badly Drawn Boy ‘Spitting in the Wild’ Directed by Garth Jennings @[Anonymous Content/ Hammer & Tongs]
Fat Boy Slim & Macy Gray ‘Demons’ Directed by Garth Jennings @[Hammer & Tongs]
Fat Boy Slim ‘Sunset (Brid of Prey) Directed by Rob Leggatt & Leigh Marling @[Blue Source]
The Doves ‘The Man Who Told Everything’ Directed by Sam Brown @[Flynn Productions Ltd]
Bleachin ‘Peakin” Directed by Jason Smith @[Flynn Productionwill s Ltd]
Radiohead ‘Pyramid Song’ Directed by Shynola @[Oil Factory Limited]
Sade ‘King of Sorrow’ Directed by Sophie Mueller @[Oil Factory Limited]
JJ72 ‘Oxygen’ Directed by Sophie Mueller @[Oil Factory Limited]
Manic Street Preachers ‘Why So Sad’ Directed by Jamie Thraves @[Oil Factory Limited]
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ’15 Feet of Pure White Snow’ Directed by John Hillcoat @[Oil Factory Limited]
Moloko ‘Indigo’Blur ‘Music Is My Radar’ Directed by Mat Kirkby @[Battlecrusier]
Fat Boy Slim ‘Ya Mamma’ Directed by Traktor @[Partizan]
Ettiene De Crecy ‘Scratched’ Directed by Jean-Michelle Levallios @[Solid/Partizan]
Shea Seager ‘Clutch’ Directed by Mat Kirkby @[Battlecrusier]
Hooverphonic ‘Out of Sight’ Directed by Jake & Jim @[Godman]
Super Furry Animals ‘Patience’ Directed by Jake & Jim @[Godman]
Stereophonics ‘Have A Nice Day’ Directed by Jake & Jim @[Godman]
Grandaddy ‘The Crystal Lake’ Directed by Jake & Jim @[Godman]


About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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