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MASH UP Directed by Jesse Lawrence @ La Famiglia
SILENCE IS GOLDEN Directed by Chris Shepherd @ Slinky Pictures
THE BOX Directed by Richard Fenwick @ Jo Phipps/Reference Point Films
ONE MINUTE SILENCE Directed by Clare Harvey @ Amarillo Films
WHAT DOES YOUR DADDY DO? Directed by Martin Stitt @ Sprig Productions
INTERIOR BEDSIT DAY Directed by James Larkin @ Film 38 Ltd
ONE HUNDRETH OF A SECOUND Directed by Susan Jacobson @ Pistachio
FINAL JOURNEY  Directed by Brendan Muldowney @ SP Films
THE SICKIE Directed by Rupert Jones @ The Bureau
GOODBYE TO THE NORMALS Directed by Jim Field Smith @ Idiotlamp
SOFT Directed by Simon Ellis @ Bub
POUND Directed by Evan Bernard @ Chelsea Pictures
BEGINNINGLESS Directed by Jonathan Pearson @ Park Village
i Directed by Luke Losey @ Neath Films Ltd
IS IT JUST ME: GOING IN PUBLIC Directed by Zam Salim @ Hopscotch films
WHOOPS Directed by Nick Reed @ Fetchit Films
CHICKEN SOUP Directed by Farah Abushwesha @ Rocliffe
CHERIES Directed by Tom Harper @ Free Range Films
DARKSIDE Directed by Michel Wright @ Partizan Lab
PEACE AND LOVE Directed by Big Red Button @ Big Red Button
UNPOSSIBLE Directed by Robin King @ Stand Alone Films
THE PROJECTIONIST Directed by June Gersten Roberts  
A MOUSE FUNERAL Directed by Greg Butler @ Greg Butler
WOULD LIKE TO MEET Directed by Trevor de Silva @ Kaleidoscope Films
FILM EIGHT Directed by Dan Gritsham @ Spool Films
GUILTY BY NATURE Directed by Joseph Barnett @ Joseph Barnett
 MY MOTHER Directed by Elaine Wickham @ Madb Films
YOUNG OFFENDER Directed by Isabel Anderton @ UK Film Council & South West Screen
FISH CANT FLY Directed by Richard Murphy @ VMB Films
LUCKY HEATHER Directed by Mark Abraham @ Abrahem Films
GROWING Directed by David Alexander @ Growing Productions
SHHH Directed by Fumio Obata @ Red Kite Animations
SHORT  Directed by Anoras Ketzer @ Joyrider
MORTEL Directed by Remco Polman @ Mooves
CRUSH Directed by Franca Chrétien @ Kablinki
ROCKET SCIENCE Directed by Sam Morrison @ Evil Genius
OVER THE HILL Directed by Peter Baynton @ Spool Films
FLIGHTY Directed by Leigh Hodgkinson @ Slinky Pictures
MY FIRST TASTE OF DEATH Directed by Laurie Hill @ Royal College of Art Animation Department
GARDENS BY THE BAY Directed by Alice Scott @ squint/opera
USAVICH # 1 Directed by Esther Moika @ Nexus Productions
PEGMAN 2006 Directed by Pete Bishop @ The Shop
AUTUMN MOON Directed by Nga Chu @ Fly Dragon Fly
JUST JACK – ‘WRITERS BLOCK’ Directed by Christian Bevilacqua @ Therapy Films
THE LITTLE DICTATOR Directed by Peter Lowey @ Peter Lowey
EXIT 2 Directed by Satoshi Tomioka @ Kanaban Graphics
BLISSFUL Directed by Leftchannel @ Leftchannel
PIB AND POG: PETER’S ROOM Directed by Peter Peake @ Aardman
PURPLE AND BROWN: IRISH JIG Directed by Richard Webber @ Aardman
SHAUN THE SHEEP: OFF THE BAA Directed by Chris Sadler @ Aardman
RAYMOND Directed by Bif @ The Mill
URBAN ANIMAL Directed by 12 Foot 6 @ 12 Foot 6
THE ANIMAL BOOK Directed by Natalie Ann Hinchley / Chris Randall @ Second Home Productions Ltd. 
PALINGENSIA Directed by Yibi Hu @ hybworks
THE PEARCE SISTERS Directed by Luis Cook @ Aardman

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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