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Oh My God Directed by Luc Janin @ Annex Films
Trip Directed by Harry Wootliff @ Yipp Films
The Gravity Of Belief Directed by Martin Gooch @ MGTV
The Confession Directed by Thomas Hefferon @ Prototype Pictures
The Late Directed by Fred Morse @ Primal Pictures
The End Directed by James Griffiths @ Moxie Pictures
Falso Amore Directed by Matthew Williamson @ MYM Productions
Polarbearman Directed by Big TV! @ Dab Hand Media
Condimentia Directed by Morgan Hutchins @ The Mob Film Co
El Hoppo! Directed by Marcus Shepherd @ Dan Films Ltd
Souljah Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair @ Team Angelica
Seared Directed by James Nicholas Fuller @ Seared Productions
One Careful Owner Directed by Sean Van Hales @ Back To The Wood Films
Bitch Directed by Dom Bridges @ Mustard
Tall Greens Tight Yellows Directed by Ornette Spenceley @ RUNT Production
Eel Girl Directed by Paul Campion @ Chameleon Pictures
Soldier Directed by Joseph Flenners @ Bikini Films Ltd
Solitary Directed by Eva Weber @ Odd Girl Out
The Ferryman Directed by Giles Perkins @ Getout
Peter & Ben Directed by Pinny Grylls @ Invisible Films
Me & Theo Directed by Claire Wilkins & Nick Ward @ Group Horizon (UCCA)
Sounds Of The City Directed by James Brown @ Stink
A Portrait Of Walthamstow Market Directed by Dominic Stinton @ Stinton Films
A-Z Directed by Sally Arthur @ Arthur Cox
Nur Döner Directed by Khaldoon Ahmed @ Khaldoon Films
Walkman Willy Directed by Tristan Daws @ Butterflies Productions
Barry Cox: The Chinese Dream Directed by Nick Ahlmark    
Adi Dassler Directed by Martin Krejci @ Stink
I Dreamt Of Flying Directed by Alex Bland    
Tashtasitc Directed by Tessa Morgan    
For Your Tomorrow Directed by Kyoko Miyake @ Kyoko Miyake
Aldermaston-50 Years On Directed by Wolfgang Matt/Meera Patel @ Madd Movies
Johnny Lowe And Alec Directed by Dave Green @ Dave Green
Voices Of Change From The Forests Of Indonesia Directed by Paul Redman @ Handcrafted Films
Shoe Tree Directed by Hazel Chandler @ Wilderness
Sony Bravia-Play Doh Directed by Frank Budgen & Darren Walsh @ Passion
Userguides No.10:Administering First Aid Directed by Richard Fenwick @ Onedotzero
Whale Directed by Rob Wicksteed @ Solent University
Headcases: Geriatric Action Directed by Henry Naylor @ Red Vision
The Electric Koi Directed by Sarah Lanyon Jones & Andrew Cope @ Picasso Pictures
Stand up Directed by Joseph Pierce @ National Film & Television School
Procrastination Directed by Johnny Kelly @ Royal College Of Art
Flat Earth Directed by Thomson & Craighead @ Goat Media Ltd
Untitled(Wypke) Directed by W Jannette Walen @ W Jannette Walen
The Accident Directed by Sara Nesteruk @ Black Watch Prod.
Glow Directed by Jo Lawerence @ Picasso Pictures
Operator Directed by Matthew Walker @ Arthur Cox
Feast Directed by Adel Kerpely & Jihyun Ahn    
Let Me In Directed by Simon Tofield @ Tandem Films
The Red Suitcase Directed by Saul Freed @ Black Watch Prod.
Sun In The Night Time Directed by Anne Wilkins    
Nora Directed by Amy Engles @ Nora Productions
The Control Master Directed by Run Wrake @ Sclah Films
How To Destroy The World: Computer Games Directed by Pete Bishop @ The Shop/a and p
The Weatherman Directed by Will Becher @ Seven Animation
Heather Directed by Ed Suckling @ Royal College Of Art
Where The Wild Things Are Directed by Eddie Fett @ Black Milk
Sanctury Directed by LK Dhaliwal    
Josie’s La La Land Directed by Eb Hu @ Hybworks
John and Karen Directed by Matthew Walker @ Arthur Cox
The Hoosiers-Cops And Robbers Directed by Diamond Dogs @ HSI London
KT Tunstall-If Only Directed by James Caddick @ Amarillo Films
Sonny J-Handsfree Directed by Eran Creevy @ Between The Eyes
Goldfrapp-A&E Directed by Dougal Wilson @ Blink
The Futerheads-The Beginning Of The Twist Directed by James Appleton @ Grasshopper Films
The Teenagers-Love No Directed by Carolyn London @ London Squared
Sugarbabes-Denial Directed by Harvey Merge @ Crossroads Films
The Bug feat Warrior Queen-Poison Dart Directed by Tom Oswald & Jess Gorrick @ Volts
Utah Saints-Something Good 08 Directed by Eran Creevy @ Between The Eyes
Kano-Feel Free Directed by Nezah Khamal @ Blink
The Bees-Who Cares What The Queen Is? Directed by Chris Hopewell @ Collision Films
My Kung Fu-Everything Is Good Directed by Marco Lutz @ JD Pictures
Girls Aloud-Sexy! No, no, no… Directed by Trudy Bellinger Merge @ Crossroads Films
Ben’s Brother-Carry On Directed by Ben Taylor Merge @ Crossroads Films
Turin Brakes-Last Chance Directed by Albert Kodagolian @ Park Pictures
Declare Independence – Björk Directed by Michel Gondry @ Partizan
Mika-Lollipop Directed by Bonzom @ Passion
David Jordon-Sun Goes Down Directed by Justin Dickel @ Streetlight Films
Lightspeed Champion-Dry Lips Directed by Stephen Irwin @ Warp Films
Young Knives-Turn Tail Directed by Harry Dwyer @ Wickedo
The Real Tuesday Weld feat The Poppini Sisters-Apart Of Me Directed by ALEX De Campi    
Dance Tonight-Paul McCartney Directed by Michel Gondry @ Partizan
Mark Ronson feat Lily Allen-Oh My God Directed by Nima Nourizadeh @ Partizan
Spektr-Things That Go Bump In The Night Directed by Thomas Pors @ Simulakrum
Annuals-Dry Clothes Directed by Trunk @ Trunk Animation
Clocks-All I Can Directed by Harry Dwyer @ Wickedo
One Eskimo-Hometime Directed by Lucy Sullivan& Matt Latchford @ Gravy Media
Turin Brakes-Dark On Fire Directed by Shelly Love @ Ioanna Karavela

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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