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Short Film   
Wayfaring Stranger                                Directed by Richard West @ Sentinel Entertainment
Enemy Lines                                       Directed by Michael Steel @ FNA Films
What’s Virgin Mean?                               Directed by Michael Davies @ Spellbound Films
Mrs Olsen                                         Directed by Sadie Frost  @ Flynn/ Blue Flower
ransit                                           Directed by Chris Roche @ Pogo Films
Closer                                            Directed by Jorn Threlfall @ Outsider
Washdays                                          Directed by Simon Neal @ Deeply Vale Productions
Hammerhead                                        Directed by Sam Donovan  @ Independent
Royal Opera House “Don”                           Directed by Susannah Hayes @ Ferocious Films
George’s Day                                      Directed by David Whitney @ DWE Ltd
The Black Hole                                    Directed by Phil and Olly @ HSI London
Drop                                              Directed by Gavin Toomey @ Beautiful Train Ltd
Post It Love                                      Directed by Si & Ad @ Academy Films
Not Coming In                                     Directed by Carolina Giammetta/Schuman Hoq @ Growp/ Studio Schoque
Mary & John                                       Directed by Julius Amedume @ NFTS
The Wedding Dress                                 Directed by Joshua St Johnston @ Size 9 Productions
Pant Eater Directed by Lorrin Braddick @ One Small Step
  Directed by      
LONG FORM Directed by      
  Directed by      
Romans 12:20                          Directed by The Shammasian Brothers  @ Independent
Boy                                                    Directed by Joe Morris @ Picture Palace North
Gardens With Red Roses Directed by Richard Oliver @ Silver Films
Social Circles                                    Directed by Andrew Cumming @ Kinetic Media
The Pond                                           Directed by Sonja Phillips @ And Some Films
Danzak                                   Directed by Gabriela Yepes @ Kunay Films
The Lift 2                                        Directed by Roel Welling @ LEV Productions
Multiple Choice                                     Directed by Mike Goode  @ The Feds
Charlie Thistle                                   Directed by Bragi Schut @ Gallantyne Pictures
Free Jolito                                       Directed by Marcos Bucay @ Independent
Support                                           Directed by Borkur Sigthorsson @ B-Pictures
Heiko                                    Directed by David Bonneville  @ Calouste Gulbenkian F.
The Pistachio Effect                              Directed by Nick Ball & Gus Johnston @ Jam Roll Films
Familiar Faces                                      Directed by Frank Madone @ LCC
18 Segundos                                       Directed by Zchariass & MacGregor @ Playtime AudioVisuales
Bagatelle                                           Directed by Ben Adler @ Swift Pictures
Next Floor                                        Directed by Denis Villeneuve @ PHi Group Inc
Octopus Directed by Sam Bennetts @ The Feds
The Contract                                        Directed by Konstontinos Frangopoulos @ NFTS
The Party Game                                      Directed by Kevin Curtis  @ Hotspur & Argyll
Quietus Directed by George Taylor @ Lucky Red Ball
Sunday                                              Directed by Joon Goh @ Chindise
Eyes on the Prize                                   Directed by Omar R Hamilton @ London Film Academy
Tight Jeans                                         Directed by Destiny Ekaragha @ Pollibee Pictures
Swipe                                               Directed by Max Blustin @ New Planet Films
My Polska                                           Directed by Aran Hughes/Joseph Fawcett @ Indpendent
The Wedding                                         Directed by Federico Forcolini @ Independent
Fresh Meat                                          Directed by David Beauchamp @ Logic Films
Road Kill                                           Directed by Will Kenning @ Asalva Films
I Stood Up                                          Directed by Lucy Tcherniak/James Willis @ Partizan
Good As Gone                                        Directed by Luke Sullivan & John Thornton @ Mucho Mojo Films
Patrick                                             Directed by Luke Snellin @ Luti Media
Saltmark                                            Directed by Robin Haig @ Blindside Productions
Love Hound                                   Directed by Lawrence Page @ Sane & Diddly
Tea Hut Tale                                  Directed by Andrew Thorp @ As Scene Media
Roy                                              Directed by Luke Dormehl @ Egmont UK
A Patagonia Tale                                 Directed by Santiago Burin des Roziers @ Burning Feet Films
China’s Wild West                                   Directed by Urszula Pontikos @ Sterling Pictures
Still Life Aquatic                               Directed by Zac Assemakis @ Dumpling Productions
docoBanksy                                       Directed by Dominic Wade @ Wade Productions
Avatar Days                                      Directed by Gavin Kelly @ Piranha Bar
Dog Man                                             Directed by Sara Raisbeck @ Independent
Stepping Out                                     Directed by Joe Cohen  @ NFTS
Rudely Interrupted                               Directed by nicole precel & nick ahlmark @ Independent
Does My Music Offend You Yeah!                   Directed by Dave Graham  @ Pulse Films
Luthier                                          Directed by Emma Hardman @ Emma Hardman Films
The Madman and the Cathedral                     Directed by James Rogan @ Mix UP Film/ Brit Doc
Irene                                            Directed by Lindsay Goodall @ Blindside Productions
Naming Pluto Directed by Ginita Jimenez @ Father Films
The Seed                                           Directed by Johnny Kelly @ Nexus
Gluteus Maximus                                    Directed by Mick Elliott & Brendan Cook @ Picture Drift
Brat & Bear New Best Friend                        Directed by Steve Smith @ Trunk Animation
Little Face                               Directed by Matthew Walker & Ben Cole @ Calling The Shots
Dog’s Day Afternoon                                Directed by Avgousta Zourelidi @ NFTS
Tv Dinner                                          Directed by Simon Tofield @ Tandem
Pesticide                                          Directed by Cameron Kerr @ Vile Bile Productions
Txt Island                                         Directed by Chris Gavin @ Tandem
Nikai Zomeki (The Noisy Second/2nd Floor)          Directed by Yusuke Fujikawa @ Fuji Television Network
Real Estate                                        Directed by Jonathan Weston @ Independent
This is where we live                              Directed by Ben Falk & Josiah Newbolt @ AsylumFilms & APT
Suburban Myths                                     Directed by Michael Cash & Joe Wood @ Wonky
Crained                                            Directed by Merlin Crossingham @ Crossingbeche
Carbon Footprint                              Directed by matt lambert @ Jellyfish Pictures
Photograph of Jesus                                Directed by Laurie Hill  @ Pendulum Pictures
Ain’t Got Nobobdy                                  Directed by Asa Lucander @ 12Foot6
The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper’s Mother     Directed by Felix Massie @ South West Screen
Cabaret Kadne                                      Directed by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas @ I+G Stop Motion
Friendly Fire                                      Directed by Andy Kaiser  @ The End Of The Pier
This Way Up                                        Directed by Smith & Foulkes @ Nexus
Chicory ‘N Coffee                                 Directed by Dunsan Kastelic @ Bugbrain Institute
The Girl With Liquid Eyes                          Directed by Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith/ Adam Smith @ Bush Baby Films Ltd
McFly – Lies                           Directed by Ben Foley/Chris Hopewell @ Collision Films
Hey                                              Directed by Guy Ben Shetrit @ Anova Music
Bottle of Wing                                   Directed by Joseph Ernst @ Christel Palace
Stay in My Memory by Bim      Directed by Katy Davis @ Gobblynne Animation
Casiotone For the Painfully Alone                Directed by Julia Pott @ Picasso Pictures 
No Corras Tanto (Take It Easy)                   Directed by cesar diaz @ Cesar Diaz
Absentee: “boy did she teach you nothing” Directed by Fogg @ Shaven Ape Ltd
Rex The Dog: Bubbilicious                        Directed by geoffroy de crecy @ Partizan Lab
Morgenrot                                       Directed by Jeff Desom @ Fatcat Records
Kraak & Smaak: Squeeze me                        Directed by Henk Loorbach/Andre Maat @ Pool Worldwide
Paul Steel ‘Take It or Leave It’                 Directed by Dimitri Stankowicz @ Passion Pictures
Round Directed by Kirk Hendry @ TH1NG
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Zero                            Directed by Barney Clay @ HSI Productions
Coldplay: Life in Technicolour II                Directed by Dougal Wilson @ Colonel Blimp
Goldfrapp: Happiness                             Directed by Dougal Wilson @ Colonel Blimp
Alesha Dixon: The Boy Does Nothing               Directed by Michael Gracey @ Partizan
U2: Get On Your Boots                            Directed by Alex Courtes @ Partizan
Dick Annegarn: Evening Sun (Soleil du Soir)      Directed by Michel gondry @ Partizan
Jemapur: Maledict Car                                     Directed by Kosai Sekine @ Taiyo Kikau/ W+K Tokyo Lab
Chalk                                            Directed by Alex Sufit @ Lexitricity Productions
One Eight Zero                                  Directed by Joseph Mann @ Slinky Pictures
Prodigy: Warrior Dance                           Directed by Corin Hardy @ Academy Films
Mama Do                                          Directed by Trudy Bellinger @ Crossroads
Geek Sheek                                       Directed by Dan Storey/Patrick Turner/Anthony Turner @ HiGrade Cinematics
With You                                         Directed by Dewi Bruce Konuah @ AD82 Productions
Royksopp: Happy Up Here                          Directed by Rueben Sutherland @ Joyrider Films
Will Young: Changes                              Directed by Martin de Thurah @ Acamdey Films
We Are The Physics: You Can Do Athletics         Directed by Colin Kennedy  @ Sigma Films Ltd
Metronomy: A Thing For Me                        Directed by Megaforce @ El Nino
Alpha Male Directed by Jon Richie @ Broken Biscuits
BBC Journey to the east                            Directed by Jamie Hewlett, Pete Candeland  @ Passion Pictures
Harmonix ‘Rock Band II’                            Directed by Pete Candeland  @ Passion Pictures
Match of the Day Euro 2008 titles           Directed by Busty Kelp @ Aardman Animations
Polo Loop                                          Directed by Darren Dubicki @ Aardman Animations
Fusion Fall                                 Directed by Victor Newman @ Free Style Collective
Doritos: Learn To Share                     Directed by Fogg @ Shaven Ape TV
Holland Animation Film Festival Titles: Robin             Directed by Pete Bishop / Lee Wilson wolfe @ The Shop
Peking 1935                                        Directed by Lu Canhai @ Forest & Land 3D Studio
Mirrorball 2008 Ident                       Directed by eric lerner @ Partizan Lab
Oxfam: swap it                              Directed by frater @ Partizan Lab
Enough                                      Directed by Peter King  @ Agenda Collective
Greener Future                              Directed by Peter King @ Agenda Collective
Observer ‘Book of Inventions’               Directed by Blac Ionica @ Another Film Company
Innocent ‘Felicity’                         Directed by Blac Ionica @ Another Film Company
Virgin Media Shorts                         Directed by Blac Ionica @ Blac Ionica
BBC2 City Season                            Directed by jellyfish pictures/sophie orde @ Jellyfish Pictures
Paul Merton in India                        Directed by tim smyllie @ Jellyfish Pictures
BBC ‘Medieval Mind Trip’                    Directed by James Price @ Strange Beast
Compare The Market ‘ALEKS’                         Directed by Darren Walsh  @ Passion Pictures
Audi ‘Unboxed’                                     Directed by Aaron duffy & Russell Brooke @ Passion Pictures
Cancer Research UK “Breast Awareness Guy”   Directed by Susannah Hayes @ Ferocious Films
Fast And Furious addictive tv remix         Directed by graham daniels @ Addictive TV
Slumdog Millionaire addictive tv remix      Directed by graham daniels @ Addictive TV
Cornered                                    Directed by Chloe de Carvalho @ Neath Films/ Rare Pictures
Plan Abu Dhabi 2030                                     Directed by Alice Scott @ Squint/ Opera
East End Film Trailer                      Directed by Lucy Izzard @ Slinky Pictures
MTV Slash                                  Directed by Theo Delaney @ Hotspur & Argyle
FA Respect: Two Rays                        Directed by Theo Delaney @ Hotspur & Argyle
Formula One                                 Directed by Vic Martinez/Asra Alikhan @ Liquid TV
ITV england                                 Directed by Victor Martinez @ Liquid TV
Manifesto                                   Directed by Diamond Dogs @ HSI London 
CBBC Idents                                 Directed by Layla Atkinson @ Trunk
Scrabble ‘Sumo’                             Directed by Irina Dakeva/Clement Dozier @ WIZZdesign 
Telstar Title Sequence                              Directed by Nick Moran @ Aspiration Films
Coca Cola Swelter Stopper                   Directed by Tom & Mark @ Nexus
Because We Are All Connected                Directed by Celyn @ Nexus
NSPCC Handscape                             Directed by Carolina Melis @ Nexus
Cravendale Slurp & Bad Bull                 Directed by Pic Pic Andre  @ Nexus
RBC Muffin man                              Directed by Tom & Mark @ Nexus
Avatar (Coca Cola)                          Directed by Smith & Foulkes @ Nexus
Red Light                                        Directed by Kai Hatterman @ Filetmignon.org
Slumdog Millionaire                         Directed by Danny Boyle @ Celador

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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