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Tenderpixel: What’s Yours Is Mine

1 – 30 OCT 2010

Tenderpixel is pleased to present new works by Roisin Byrne and Duncan Wooldridge this October. ‘What’s Yours is Mine’ brings together the artists’ interests in the historical and conceptual consequences of artistic gestures – what an artwork makes possible, whether planned or unforeseen. Depicting the shift in art practice where ideas become common property that can be invoked, adapted and absorbed, both artists are interested in seeking out what lies beyond the dominant theorizations of appropriation.

In ‘What’s Yours Is Mine’, both Byrne and Wooldridge focus on the secondary sources that have become a dominant source for obtaining information about the world. This intertextual material, mediated through websites and search engines, as well as books and other printed matter, creates fragmented, often unreliable or contestable narratives that the reader is obliged to piece together. Through different methods and using different tools, both artists develop important questions relating to access, possession and ownership.

For Tenderpixel, Wooldridge will present a new work from his ongoing series ‘DIY IKB’, in which he attempts to match Yves Klein’s infamous International Klein Blue using commercially available paint-mixing machines.

Byrne will exhibit her new work, ‘Goldenie Brown’: Throughout the months of April, May and June 2010 the artist R. Byrne became besotted with the idea of being a piece of work. Presenting herself to the highly acclaimed Mr Santiago Sierra and enquiring after a work of his from 2000 Byrne travelled immediately to Spain. A work was removed and a transfer made. Byrne returned home transformed, 2010.

Roisin Byrne, Goldenie Brown

1 x 20 cm black tattooed line removed by laser treatment from the back of Senora XX  originally tattooed in 2000 by Santiago Sierra for 160 cm Line tattoed on the back of 4 people.

T E N D E R P I X E L .

Tuesday – Saturday 1pm-7pm

10 Cecil Court


020 7379 9464


mail@tenderpixel.com <mailto:mail@tenderpixel.com>

Nearest Tube: Leicester Square

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