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London Film School Grading Course

Making the Grade: An Introduction to Colour Grading  In Association with the International Colorist Academy

The London Film School, Covent Garden – Wednesday 10th November – 10am-5pm – £150

Over the past decade Colour Grading has evolved from a very linear telecine process to the very flexible non-linear DI workflows of today. A skilled colourist will enhance the work of the cinematographer and maintain continuity by matching shots. But colourists also manipulate perception to stimulate emotions, focus attention and improve understanding of a project.

This new 1-day introductory workshop with experienced colourist Kevin Shaw will offer an insight to anyone who has ever thought about grading, but not had the opportunity to explore its potential.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction – What does a colourist do? Is grading a technical necessity? How important is the look or style of images?
  • A Short History of Colour Grading and Enhancement – When did colour grading begin and how has it changed?
  • Grading Workflows – When to colour, and what to expect.
  • The Differences Between Film, Video and Digital Colourists – Can it always be fixed in post? How to get better quality pictures.
  • Effects of Colour – Examples of correction, enhancement and effects.
  • Getting Started – What are the essential tools needed?
  • Taking It Further – A professional approach.
  • Grading Suites and Theatres – When should you use them? Are they all the same?

The workshop is an ideal foundation for more in-depth courses to be delivered in 2011. Click here for full course overview.

To book a place, or for further details, visit www.lfs.org.uk or contact Carolyn Atherton: workshops@lfs.org.uk / +44 (0)20 7836 9642.

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