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RSSF 2011

Twitter Q&A at RSSF 2011

We’re very pleased to announce that this year we’re offering the chance for festival goers to post their questions to industry panellist through Twitter. This will come as particularly good news to those who cannot make the festival this year but remain interested in our many industry events.

We’ve teamed up with The Reel and Radar Music Videos to offer Twitter users the chance to directly ask industry experts questions. All you need to do is send us your questions on Twitter and we’ll pick the best 3-5 to ask during the panels. We’ve selected the industry events we feel will yield the most advice, discussions and of course, debate.

To ask your questions, send them to their respective organisations on Twitter at @RadarMusicVideo or @TheReelTweets. Please use the hash tag #RSSF so we can keep track of your questions. You may of course spread your questions over several Tweets. We appreciate that 140 characters doesn’t allow for a great amount of detail.

The Reel Presents: Breaking into Commercials

Wednesday July 27 2011, 10:30am at The Hospital Club

This seminar hosted by The Reel will take a look at how to break into the world of advertising.

With a panel made up of leading practitioners in the commercial field including Nexus co founder Chris O’Reilly, Jamie Clark, Head of Talent at Pulse and Kristian Brodie, Head of development for Agile Films, Academy Films director Seb Edwards and The Reel’s Editor Jamie Madge will examine what it takes to get noticed when starting out and how best to propel your career from there on.

More information here.

RADAR Music Videos Presents: How Do I Find Representation?

Thursday July 28th 2011, 10:30am at The Hospital Club

How do you get repped?
Who should you contact?
Should you ring or email?
Do you send your reel or just links to your site?
And is it worth getting repped anyway?

We poke around these and many other intriguing questions during this one hour panel session, part of the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival.

Panel members include: Chris from OB Management, Mikey Lavelle from Shameless, Dave Graham from Crossfire, Caroline Clayton from Ministry of Sound, Lucy Needs director and Kim Albright, director. Caroline Bottomley from RadarMusicVideos is refereeing.

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions to, directors who’ve recently been through the process of being ‘signed up’

More information here.

RADAR Music Videos Presents: The Future of Music Video

We’re about to see a revolution in broadcast TV. More and more of us watch TV on the internet and vice versa, and music video is proving to be killer content.

The stellar panel includes:
Richard Wheeler, Head of Music & Content Aquisition at Virgin Media
Ciaran Bollard, CEO Muzu.TV
Rupak Rahman, Head of Fastrax
Jon Pike, Head of Aquisitions, Vidzone
Jules Parker, Membership Development, PRS for Music
moderated by Caroline Bottomley, RadarMusicVideos

With the help of the audience, we find out which businesses want music videos and how do you get to them? What’s happening in the panel members’ world of music video? What opportunities do they see coming up for independent and major label music videos?

More information here.

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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