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The festival takes place over three days at the beginning of March (1st – 3rd) and focuses on providing a platform for student short films and opportunities to help filmmakers further their careers. The events are all geared to helping students develop their skills and meet like-minded people. Competition prizes are often tailored towards specific awards in order to help the winner progress within their chosen field.

The festival program of industry meets, workshops, speakers and discussions deal with a range of strategic issues related to the film industry, from the basics of how to get your first job to the realities of directing and producing. They also provide many opportunities for filmmakers and film-lovers to network with industry professionals in order to gain contacts that can benefit their future careers.


–       The deadline for submissions to the festival is 22 November 2012.

–       Watersprite 2013 submissions are limited to 300, and once this number has been reached they will automatically close. We recommend submitting your people as early as possible to ensure its eligibility.

–       All films must have completed production no earlier than 2011.

–       Resubmissions are not permitted. You may, however, enter more than one film this year if you wish.

–       All films must have a total running time of 20 minutes or less.

–       All films must be either in English, or submitted with English subtitles.

–       In order for a film to be eligible for Watersprite 2013, every person eligible for a genre or technical award (see categories below), must have been a student at the time of the film’s production, with the exception of ‘Acting’. Student is taken to mean those in, or having spent no more than a year as a graduate from, education. Proof of matriculation may be required in the case of query.


–       Watersprite 2013 accepts online submissions only. Films can be uploaded onto this website with a completed submissions form attached.

–       Choose the option ‘Digital file upload’ at the end of the submission form and upload your film. Make sure you have the read the section ‘Recommended video settings’ further down this page. Films not adhering to these standards may not be eligible for the competition.

–       Your video file may not exceed 700 MB.

NB: You are not required to provide a screening quality copy of your film at this stage, as films will be judged online. You are, of course, welcome to submit films up to 700 MB, but they will take a significant time to upload!


All films are automatically entered for a genre award (thus making all films eligible for the Watersprite Film of the Year award also). On the submission form, entrants must specify the genre of the film, choosing one from the following.




–       Films will then also be considered for awards in the following technical categories:





Production Design



Please note, however, that some genre films cannot be considered for certain technical awards: Documentaries cannot enter the Acting or Screenplay categories; Animations cannot enter the Acting or Cinematography categories.

Full details can be found on their website here: www.watersprite.org.uk

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