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Sky and the National Film and Television School announced a new partnership, which will train a new generation of multi-camera studio craft specialists!

The Broadcast Production course, run in collaboration with Sky’s Broadcast Operations department, will prepare 12 students a year to work in a multi-camera studio environment as a Vision Mixer, a Camera/ Lighting or Sound specialist. Modules will be taught at both the NFTS and Sky Studios, Sky’s state-of-the-art production facility. The course will also include a six-week internship at Sky, culminating in a paid role for at least one graduate each year.

The 12-month Diploma course starts in February 2013 and the deadline for applications is 3rd December 2012.

Students will be exposed to the creative challenge of working across a range of entertainment programming, including: Situation Comedy, Magazine Shows, Talent Shows, Panel Shows, Game Shows etc.

Students will apply for, and be accepted onto the course in one of three craft specialisations:

  1. Vision Mixing
    Switch programmes live (as they are being transmitted or recorded), using a variety of transition methods, such as cuts, mixes, wipes, frame manipulation, etc. Learn how to combine and manipulate various visual sources, including – cameras, video play-out devices, graphic generators, digital video effects (DVEs).
  2. Camera/Lighting (including vision operations)
    Operate studio cameras capturing images simultaneously (multi-camera shoots), receiving camera directions over talkback from the Director. In addition, learn how to use the script or brief from the production team to design the specific lighting look required for each shot.
  3. Sound (in a broadcast studio environment)
    Mix the sound from Studio mics and other feeds associated with programme video to produce a well-balanced output. Monitor the quality and use audio processing as appropriate to enhance the programme sound where required. Additionally set up and manage studio talkback systems allowing key production team members to communicate and collaborate effectively.

These are the core disciplines of multi camera studio operations and people trained at a high level in these craft areas are hotly in demand.

Two £2,000 Bursaries are available on a means tested basis. If you are successful in securing a place on the course you will be invited to apply for financial support.

The course is led by David G Croft (Shooting Stars, Live Aid, Crystal Maze). Other tutors who often teach at the school on television courses include Richard Boden (IT Crowd) Geoff Posner (Little Britain) and Steve Pinhay (SMTV, CD:UK)

SophieTurner Laing, MD of Entertainment, News and Broadcast Operations at Sky, and board member of NFTS said: “Sky’s ongoing commitment to homegrown, original content is not just about what we put on screen – it’s about investing in the next generation of production specialists in the UK. We’re extremely proud of the work we do at Sky to nurture our people, and it’s shown us just how much the UK creative industries need to identify the rising stars of all areas of broadcasting as early as possible.  There is no better place to do that than at the NFTS, and we’re delighted to partner with them to start that process with this broadcast production course.


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