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The 7th annual London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) returns 1 – 16 November 2012 showcasing the very best Korean films, UK premieres, a number of great animated features, two short film programmes and many other events. The festival takes place in London at the Odeon West End and ICA cinemas, and is on tour nationally (from 11 – 16th Nov) at the Glasgow Grosvenor Cinema, Bristol Cube and the Bournemouth Odeon. Tonight the Opening Gala at the Odeon in Leicester Square kicks off with the European premiere of the Korean box office heist smash hit, The Thieves by director Choi Dong-hoon. The festival will close with another box office hit, the European premiere of historical drama Masquerade (16 Nov).

Let’s have a closer look at the short film programmes

11th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Prog 1

Sunday 4th November 20:00 @ London ICA

A Flower does not wilt, but…  Dir. Oh Tae-heon South Korea, 2012, 25mins

Han-sung runs into his ex-girlfriend Soo-young after taking a year off from university. Unfortunately she has a new boyfriend who is the director of a graduation film which Han-sung is supporting.

Noodle Fish Dir. Kim Jin-man South Korea, 2012, 10mins

Noodle Fish is a pin-screen animation, made with plain noodle bought from regular markets. “To be a grown-up, you´ve got to get out of the water.” Leaving this message, the tadpoles disappear. A friend of theirs, Noodle Fish begins his journey into the world out of the water.

Feeling of Winning Dir. Han Seung-hun South Korea, 2011, 24mins

Young-hyeon and Jae-cheol are being bullied by classmate Chang-geun and his friends. Young-hyeon resents being beaten by Chang-geun indiscriminately and tries to get out of the situation.

Keep Quiet Dir. Hong Seok-jae South Korea, 2011, 29mins

At the library Sung-mo picks up the ringing phone of a person on the opposite side of his desk, in an unguarded moment while the person is out. A woman asks Sung-mo to run away with the phone.

Forest Dir. Um Tae-hwa South Korea, 2012, 32mins

My friend falls into danger as a result of an insignificant action of mine. I want to believe that it wasn’t intentional.

11th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Prog 2

Saturday 10th November 15:30 @ London Odeon Panton St

Anaesthesia Dir. Kim Souk-young South Korea, 2011, 23mins

Rookie nurse Ji-hyeon witnesses the sexual assault on a patient under anaesthetics by the director of her clinic. She manages to record the crime in secret, but the video evidence provokes a mixed response from her fellow nurses, who are too afraid to take any action. After confronting one of the victims, Ji-hyeon decides to take the matter in her own hands.

Poison Frog Dir. Koh Jung-wook South Korea, 2011, 31mins

On their way back to the base, Sergeant Jung and his squad members capture South Korean soldiers Han-gyu and Yeong-bok who try to hide. Yeong-bok claims that he is on official leave to visit his home, and Han-gyu is in South Korean military uniform but holds a machine gun of the North Korean People’s Army (KPA). Without knowing their true identity the crew continues the journey with two POWs.

Min-ho Win! Dir. Jung Jae-woong South Korea, 2012, 40mins

On his way back to Seoul after outside duty, Min-ho takes a break at a small gas station.  The owner of the gas station asks Min-ho to do some errands. Not knowing what is ahead of him. Min-ho leaves the gas station and meets some villains.

My Fighting Life Dir. Kim Do-kyoung South Korea, 2011, 39mins

Do-kyoung is unshakable in his beliefs that he will one day defeat the people the bullies him every day. To become strong, he trains himself learning Jeet Kune Do but gets intimidated by the school gangs, becoming a faint-hearted loser. Will Do -kyoung be able to overcome his fear and win a fight?

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