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NBCQ (New British Cinema Quarterly) depart from their usual formula of feature screenings to present a stunning selection of independent shorts, showcasing the best of up-and-coming British talent. The six shorts will feature the cream of British acting, drawn to the creativity that the short film form allows.

This may be the only time you get to encounter Dame Judi Dench on Facebook, as a woman attempting to woo her local choirmaster through social media, and watch the rather handsome Luke Treadaway, run…a lot or maybe have a screen masterclass on how to smoke a cigarette (without the ash falling) by Peter Mullan starring in Long Distance Information, which picked up our 2012 Rushes Soho Short Film Award and The Audience Award at Film London Best of Borough Film Award. If you want to find out more about Film London and their latest London Borough Film Fund Challenge read  our article here.

Full programme:

Long Distance Information Dir Douglas Hart/GB 2012/8 mins
Set one Christmas Day, between East Kilbride and London, Long Distance Information is a black comedy that explores the strained relationship between a father and his 20 year old son.

Man in Fear Dir Will Jewell/GB 2012/11 mins
A bloodied man walks into a police station wanting to be locked up.  He tells the Policeman artists are trying to kill him. By accident… When the disbelieving Policeman sighs and asks him their motive, he cryptically replies “Art…”

A Gun for George Dir Matthew Holness/GB 2012/17 mins
Still reeling from the loss of his older brother, a crime fiction author increasingly escapes into the fantasy world of his character – The Reprisalizer. Cult comedian Matthew Holness directs and stars in this flawless homage to 70s pulp films and fiction.

Scrubber Dir Romola Garria/GB 2012/21 mins
Jenny is looking for escape. After being let down by a babysitter she decided to leave her daughter with a neighbour and walks into the surrounding countryside. Whilst waiting by the side of the road, she is picked up by a stranger and together they drive into woodland where she must choose between fantasy, escape and home.

The Ellington Kid Dir Dan Sully/GB 2012/5 mins
In a typical South London kebab shop Nathan tells Beefy a story.  It’s a story he’s heard about the Ellington kid, who got stabbed and found refuge in the very kebab shop they are sitting in.

Friend Request Pending Dir Chris Foggin/GB 2012/12 mins
Friend Request Pending is a short comedy drama about the mature generation dating in our modern social networking world. Mary and Linda spend an afternoon discussing the pleasures, pitfalls and problems with using social networking to try and woo the local choirmaster Trevor.

Current Dates

November 5, 2012 // Curzon Renoir

November 20, 2012 // Cornerhouse, Manchester

November 22, 2012 // York Picturehouse

November 22, 2012 // Hackney Picturehouse, London

November 26, 2012 // Ritzy Picturehouse, London

November 28, 2012 // Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford

About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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