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Calls For Submissons


SHORT FILMS 4 U (SF4U) are calling for filmmakers to submit their shorts to their platform.

To submit content (no entry fee) you should created an account here: https://sf4u.com/submissions

Selected work will be screened as Free To View or Pay To View and revenue streams are being created for both options.

The Beta roll out of their platform will be taking place this spring and they are looking to showcase a core body of short format content on the platform.

They can control how your content is viewed ie on smart phone, tablet, laptop while also switching on or off territories so it doesn’t endanger festival entry etc.

Alongside the content they also ask their filmmakers to make profiles – a brief overview of themselves and listing their social media and relevant contact details so people can get in contact. They’ll be working alongside film festivals, production companies and industry partners to promote work and all film related activities while also marketing films directly into public environments.

They have a rolling open submissions policy – which for SF4U essentially means they view and select work in quarterly periods. Submit your film and information HERE for consideration.

SF4U isn’t an upload site for the general public; it’s a professional place for filmmakers to showcase their work. Independent filmmakers need more than a place to put their work. They need a platform that gives their work the attention that it deserves, and the best chance at success.

If your best content is accepted, your work will be curated, marketed, and promoted to create a high-quality cinematic experience for mobile viewers.

They welcome short format content whether they be Short Films, Documentaries, Mini-Series, Interviews, or any surprises across all genres, with the exception of those with explicit sex, gratuitous violence, or subject matter created to cause general offence.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sf4uFilms

Twitter: @SF4UFilms

Website: www.SF4U.com SF4U_Logo


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