Judges are invited to watch a particular festival category, sometimes a few categories, focusing on the narrative structure, cinematography, production design, originality, creative intent and entertainment value.

Each category will be viewed by judges from a range of disciplines, each judge bringing their own experience to the table.

Once the judge has viewed all films in their category or categories, the results are then compiled by the festival office. From each category three finalists are chosen, one of which is deemed the winner.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort our judges give to viewing the films and their offering of advice and guidance.

Please click on any name below to see more information about our judging panel.

If you would like to nominate a judge please feel free to contact us, sending us a picture and a short biogrpahy of the person you woudl like to nominate as a judge. We prioritise those people with valuable experience and who can help promote the filmmaker and further their careers. Email us here: info@sohoshorts.com

The Judges for 2011 include:

Adam Glen Lawrence Garwood
Adam Woods Lee Mason
Adam Woodward Leila Bartlam
Alejandro Gonzalez Lisa Ogdie
Amaka Ungunkwo Lisa Ter Berg
Amy Hardie Lorraine Geoghenan
Ana Cristina Santos Louis Savy
Andy Greenhouse Lucy Doyle
Andy Morahan Luiz Mariano Gonzalez
Andy Spooner  Luiz Cruz
Ben Clark Maggie Ellis
Caroline Bottomley Mariela Artiles
Charles Gant Mark Adams
Chee-Lan Chan Mark Reid
Chris Tidman Mark Roalfe
Claire Spencer Cook Matthew Gyves
Clare Binns Michael Bonner
Daisy Allsop Mira Bajagic
Damian Spandley Mike Connaris
Dan Jolin Missy Papageorge
Dan Simmons Neil Bennett
Danny Edwards Neil McCartney
Darren Jones Nick Bradshaw
Dave Bedwood Nik Powell
Dave Knight Nigel Daly
David Nicholas Wilkinson Oli Harbottle
David Pope Patricia Dobson
Dawn Sharpless Paul Rothwell
Dominic Delaney Paula Mackersey
Don Boyd Pegah Farahmand
Ed Hicks Pejman Danaei
Edward Caffrey Peter Barlow
Elliot Grove Phil Claydon
Erika Luke Philip Ilson
Eva Yates Quiche Campbell
Gavin Lukas Remco Vlaanderen
Garrick Webster Rob Sprackling
Hannah Patterson Roger White
Harvey Somerfield Rosie Crerar
Ian Barnes Russell Benson
Jake Bickerton Sefton Woodhouse
James Christopher Shanida Gutierrez
James Mulligan Simon Trewin
James Rocarols Simon Young
James Wilkinson Simone Pyne
Jamie Dolling Stephen Woolley
Jamie Madge Susie Innes
Jason Wood Suzie Blake
Jerry Deeney Stephen Woolley
Jessica Manins Steve Davis
John Hough Tanya Franks
John Park Tim Dams
Jukka-Pekka Laakso Tim Goodchild
Julia Short Tim Page
Katie Metcalfe Tim Redford
Kathy Serrano Tom Legget
Kerry McLeod Trevor Beattie
Kirsten Ruber Wouter Jansen
Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Zoe Barlow

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